Musqueam/Squamish/Tsleil-Waututh territories (Vancouver, Canada), 2019. Photo credit: Dick Powis

Rine Vieth



Rine (they/them) is a scholar of law, asylum, religion, and Islamic jurisprudence. They are curious about intersections between legal processes and religion.

Rine (iel) est spécialiste de droit, asile, religion et jurisprudence islamique. Iel est des intersections entre les processus juridiques et la religion.

View of the Peak District, England, 2017. Rine Vieth.

About/Qui suis-je ?


I am currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology at McGill University, where my research focuses on the UK asylum tribunals (through fieldwork in Manchester, England with Christian converts and their supporters). I've also studied at Colby College, SOAS, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Outside my doctoral research, I think a lot about things around religion, law, disability, mental health, gender, and queerness. I believe strongly in building and finding strength in communities—both near and far.

Salut !

Je suis étudiant.e au 3ème cycle (doctorat) en anthropologie à l'Université McGill, où mes recherches se concentrent sur les tribunaux d'asile du Royaume-Uni (j'ai fait mon terrain à Manchester, en Angleterre, avec des convertis chrétiens et leurs dé Aussi, j'ai fait mes études au Colby College, SOAS et London School of Economics and Political Science.

En dehors de ma recherche doctorale, je pense beaucoup aux choses autour de la religion, du droit, du handicap, de la santé mentale, du genre et des choses « queer ». Je crois fortement à l'édification et en trouvant des forces dans les collectivités, de près comme de loin.

Maine, 2019. Rine Vieth.

Current Projects/Projets en cours

Zines in Progress
Asylum tribunal guidance comic book (UK, US, CA versions)
Academic article about supporting asylum-seekers in the context of UK austerityComic about bodies, surgeries, and finding solace in Mary Douglas
Multilingual audio-snapshots of MontréalAudio vignettes that explore how people live in and experience urban areas as "home"



PhD Candidate, Anthropology, McGill University (2015 - Present)
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Ronald Niezen
Thesis: Proving Faith: Conversion in the UK Asylum and Immigration Tribunals

MSc Social Anthropology, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (2013 - 2014)
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Nicholas Long
Thesis: Law, Religion, and a Complicated Context: Muslim Chaplaincy in the UK as Legal Pluralism

MA Islamic Law, SOAS (2011 - 2012)
Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Lynn Welchman
Thesis: Projects for Legislating Society: Legal Pluralism, the Code Morand, and the Iraqi Constitution

BA History, Minor in Russian Literature and Language, Colby College (2006 - 2010)
Supervisor: Dr. Paul Josephson
Independent Study: “Bad Copyists”: Photography in the Early Soviet Union


Public Scholarship
Vieth, Rine. 2020. "I’ve Never Met Anyone Like Me, But Anthropologists (Not Me) Study People Like Me, Or: What if we trans/non-binary people weren’t just your objects of study?" Anthrodendum.
Vieth, Rine. 2020. "On Gutters and Ethnography." Anthrodendum.
Vieth, Rine. 2018. "Dis/ability to do Fieldwork." The New Ethnographer.

Vieth, Rine. 2019. "I am not your canary." The McGill Daily.
Vieth, Rine. 2013-2014. "Walking the River Programme." PULSE Radio, London, England.

Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Translated by Rine Vieth. 2010. "Listen!/Послушайте!" Colby College Russian Poetry Program, Waterville, Maine.


Conference Presentations
Vieth, Rine. 2019. "'We Know When They Laugh With Us': Engaged Anthropology and the UK Asylum Tribunals." Law & Society Association (LSA) Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.Vieth, Rine. 2018. "'Genuine' Anthropology: Political Anthropology in the UK IACs." Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth (ASA) Annual Meeting, Oxford, England.Vieth, Rine. 2018. "Faith, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt." Society of Legal Scholars (LSA) Annual Conference, London, England.Vieth, Rine. 2018. "Faith, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt." European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) Biannual Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden.Vieth, Rine. 2017. “Projects for Legislating Society." Texas A&M Liberal Arts International Conference, Doha, Qatar.Vieth, Rine. 2016. "“Diversity and Law: A Legal Anthropology Perspective." DRI Professional Liability Seminar, New York City, USA.
Guest Lectures
Vieth, Rine. 2017. "Legal Anthropology in the UK." Legal Anthropology, McGill University. Montréal, Canada.Vieth, Rine. 2017. "Anthropology of Religion." Introduction to Anthropology, McGill University. Montréal, Canada.Vieth, Rine. 2016. "Islam, Codification, and Syncretism." Anthropology of Religion, McGill University. Montréal, Canada.Vieth, Rine. 2015. "Codification Projects in North Africa." Social Change in Modern Africa, McGill University. Montréal, Canada.
Vieth, Rine. 2019. "The New Ethnographer." AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.
Panel Convener
Vieth, Rine. 2019. "Legal Truth and Social Testimony: The Battle for Evidence." AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE (feedback available upon request)
The Process of Anthropological Research (Teaching Assistant): Winter 2019, McGill UniversityAnthropology of Law (Teaching Assistant): Winter 2017, McGill UniversityThe Process of Anthropological Research (Teaching Assistant): Fall 2016, McGill UniversityThe Anthropology of Development (Grader): Summer 2016, McGill UniversityAnthropology of Religion (Teaching Assistant): Winter 2016, McGill UniversitySocial Change in Modern Africa (Teaching Assistant), Fall 2015, McGill University

Creator and moderator, Anthro/Archaeo Jobs, a listserv for jobs in the social sciences with over 400 subscribersGraduate Student Representative on McGill University Arts Faculty Council: 2019 - 2020, 2020 - 2021Response Coordinator for AGSEM (graduate student labour union) response to University policy review on students with disabilities, Spring 2020Response Coordinator for AGSEM (graduate student labour union) response to University Equity, Diversity, Inclusion plan, Spring 2020Mental Health Working Group Coordinator (McGill University): September 2019 - PresentStudent Representative, Senate Subcommittee on Disability (McGill University): September 2019 - PresentMember, Graduate Student Health and Wellness Committee, PGSS (McGill University): 2019 - 2020Union Representative, Working Group on the Policy Against Sexual Violence (McGill University): November 2018 - PresentMentor for Undergraduate Anthropology Students (McGill University): 2015 - PresentMember, Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA): 2019 - PresentMember, Law and Society Association (LSA): 2018 - PresentVP Finance, Anthropology Graduate Students Association (AGSA) (McGill University): August 2015 - October 2017

Mobilization Officer, the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM) (Montréal, Canada): 2019 - PresentTeaching Assistant, McGill University (see specific courses above)Research Assistant, Dr. Ronald Niezen (McGill University, Montréal, Canada): 2015 - 2017Samba drumming instructor for Barking Bateria, Sambatage, and Sambattalion (London, England): 2011 - 2015Social Researcher, The HOME Project (London, England): 2012


English (first language)
French (advanced)
Modern Standard Arabic (advanced)
Russian (intermediate)
Darija (intermediate)
Farsi (beginner)
Spanish (beginner)

Interested in reading my theses, presentations, or lectures? Can't find my work elsewhere? Email me! [email protected].

Willow, 2020. Rine Vieth.

Resources / Des ressources

I firmly believe in sharing work and resources. Please cite (and, if you can, let me know!) if you use these.

Je crois fermement au partage du travail et des ressources. Veuillez citer (et, si vous le pouvez, faites-le moi savoir !) si vous les utilisez.

How to Reseach Your Institution - US Edition (English only / anglais seulement)How to Assert Yourself in Your First Academic JobFunding Google Calendar (largely US/Can-based social science funding)Anthro/Archeo Jobs Listerv (founder and moderator)


I write and research...but I also create other works. I'm happy inking my comics with a paintbrush, or on an iPad!

J'écris et je recherche ... mais je crée aussi d'autres œuvres. Je suis heureux d'encrer mes bandes dessinées avec un pinceau, ou sur un iPad !

Vieth, Rine. "On Gutters and Anthropology." 2020. Digital comic, available on Anthrodendum

Vieth, Rine. "Cactus Grief." 2020. Digital comic. (Reproduced below)

Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyaang (Montréal), 2017. Rine Vieth.


For general questions, media enquiries, consultation requests, or opportunities to collaborate together, please send an email to [email protected]

I am particularly interested in work to do with law, religion, and politics—especially those that give back to communities involved in research. (Let's minimize extractive research!)

Pour les questions générales, les demandes des médias, les demandes de consultation ou les opportunités de collaboration, veuillez envoyer un e-mail à [email protected]

Je suis particulièrement intéressé par les projets liés au droit, à la religion et à la politique, en particulier ceux qui redonnent aux communautés impliquées dans notre recherche. (Minimisons la recherche « extractive » !)